Gentoo and nVidia drivers

Justin Findlay jfindlay at
Thu Nov 17 23:30:35 MST 2005

On 11/17/05, Mitch Anderson <mitch at> wrote:
> Over the last week, I've installed a Gentoo box on a slow Duron 800 with
> an nVidia FX5200.  Everythings been going fine except now I'm trying to
> get X up and running with the nVidia driver.  I've installed the
> nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx, all goes fine.  I can get kdm to start up
> just fine with the driver set to "nv" but when I change it to "nvidia" X
> takes up 99% of the processor with no sign of ever giving it back.  Just
> wondering if anyone has some pointers on what I've done wrong with the
> kernel/nvidia configs?

Are you running a vanilla kernel or a gentoo kernel?  Another
important consideration is to make sure you emerge the nvidia packages
after booting into your new kernel.


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