[OT] Beeping gadget

Jason Holt jason at lunkwill.org
Thu Nov 17 17:05:25 MST 2005

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Sasha Pachev wrote:
> I am looking for a gadget with the following requirements:
> The purpose of the gadget is to help improve running form by encouraging the 
> runner to minimize ground contact time.

You could prototype one very quickly with a gadgetboard.  The gadgetboard's 
big, but would fit in a fanny pack (with wires to the shoe) if you gave up on 


Given a prototype, you could easily port the code to an attiny8, and if your 
SMD skills are good, there's a nonzero chance you could fit the entire device 
in a shoe.  (But remember, you need sensors, controls (to set delays, etc.), 
an actuator (buzzer) and batteries).

It could also be done purely in analog electronics, although the attiny8 comes 
in an 8-SOIC package, and that's pretty tough to beat for size:


Microcontrollers also have neat expandability, so for instance, rather than 
having an explicit off switch you could tap your heel down in a special rhythm 
(shave and a haircut?) to do stuff like turning it on/off and changing the 
delay.  Or keep statistics on your run that you could later download.


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