[OT] Beeping gadget

Sasha Pachev sasha at asksasha.com
Thu Nov 17 16:48:44 MST 2005

Hello, everyone:

I am looking for a gadget with the following requirements:

  * must be lightweight (less than 1 once), fit in or on a shoe, or be embedded 
a lightweight shoe
  * must beep or make some other unpleasant noise when the foot is touching the 
ground, and be quiet when the foot is off the ground
  * must have a switch to turn off the beeper
  * bonus feature - be configurable so that it beeps if its been on the ground 
for longer than the specified number of milliseconds

The purpose of the gadget is to help improve running form by encouraging the 
runner to minimize ground contact time.

Any ideas on where to buy or how to make one?

Sasha Pachev
AskSasha Linux Consulting

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