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So the recent post of eCryptfs to the LKML went well (i.e., only
trivialities were brought up, which is a good thing). My development
team has been making several bugfixes in response to comments over the
last couple of weeks, and I feel that eCryptfs is now in pretty good
shape in terms of overall stability. That means that I personally
haven't found a way to break it yet, but I am sure that as more people
use it, they will be happy to take care of that for me. ;-)

Version 0.1-rc7 is now on the SourceForge site:

We have tested it on x86 and PPC64 architectures. Those who are brave
enough to patch your kernels, feel free to have a go at it. If you are
not running the -mm branch, you will need this patch too:

This is still an experimental filesystem, so the usual warnings apply
(keep a backup of your data on other boxen, have some debugging/trace
support enabled, save your work often on a non-eCryptfs filesystem,
etc.). I expect that bugs at this point will be difficult to invoke
and track down, so detailed descriptions of what you were doing and
what the kernel state is would be helpful in the event of a problem. I
am most interested at this point in recommendations by way of usage
documentation and building.

And if you want to dive into the code base and start tinkering, there
is *lots* of low-hanging fruit at this stage.

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