plz help me: Not able to access Linux header union variable...

hari kumar harikumar.83 at
Sat Nov 12 05:57:23 MST 2005

 I am not able to access an union variables in the following header
file (linux/skbuff.h) .
 given below are the details of the union variable

            struct tcphdr   *th;
            struct udphdr   *uh;
            struct icmphdr  *icmph;
            struct igmphdr  *igmph;
            struct iphdr    *ipiph;
            struct spxhdr   *spxh;
            unsigned char   *raw;
    } h;
 filename : linux /skbuff.h
 structure name where the union is declared : struct sk_buff

 I am not able to access the th/uh/icmph etc pointer objects from
the above union.
 I am working with this module in the KERNEL SPACE.

Here, I have also given the code and output of that file..

src = skb->>source;
src is declared as __u16 variable

when I build the above code, the following error comes. I tried all
options, but the gcc compiler does not allow me to access the source
variable in struct tcphdr. MY kernel version is 2.4.20-8.

sw_in.c: In function `handle_frame':
sw_in.c:20: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
make: *** [sw_in.o] Error 1

It would be of great help to me, if you can give  me some
information on this regard. Any information or thoughts are welcome on
the same.


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