iProvo duopoly

Gary Thornock gthornock at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 14:35:58 MST 2005

--- Stephen Saunders <steve at fami.ly> wrote:
> Does anyone have any network performance input on Veracity (off
> Campus Telecom.) vs MSTAR?

I've been wary of trying MStar after some bad experiences with
their dial-up internet service, and they only recently rolled out
their phone service, so I'm not sure how much I'd trust it yet.

For internet service, Veracity has been about as good as Comcast,
but with lower prices and higher speeds.  Of course, saying
they're as good as Comcast is roughly equivalent to saying "be
prepared to run your own cacheing DNS server and your own
email server", but at least you do have the possibility of a
static IP address, and the bandwidth (symmetric) is very nice.
(On the subject of static IP: if you're running anything but
Windows, expect to need one.  I haven't seen any evidence that
Veracity's DHCP is any better than HomeNet's in terms of handling
non-Windows clients.)

I do have to wonder, though, where Veracity ever found the
delusion that they were qualified to run a phone service.  Since
the switch from HomeNet, we've had frequent phone service
outages, and they haven't even managed something as basic as
notification of new voice mail messages.  I didn't think it was
possible, but Veracity has actually managed to make Qwest look
good.  (They've also managed to convince me that it's time to
study up on Asterisk and start doing my phone service myself.)

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