[OT] Education Theory (was Re: Database Design Theory?)

Sasha Pachev sasha at asksasha.com
Wed Nov 9 18:43:31 MST 2005

 >Of course, this is simply an example of learning the theory alongside 
practical >application of it, not learning practical applications *before* 
learning the >theory. What do you think of that sort of teaching methodology, 
learning them >alongside each other?

This is exactly how Christ taught, and continues to teach. "If ye do his will, 
ye shall know of the doctrine".  A prospective member of the Church meeting with 
the missionaries is asked to live the Word of Wisdom, the law of chastity, and 
pay tithing after only a short explanation. The principle is first do the right 
thing maybe not knowing why, then understand why.

I believe this extends to temporal learning. First apply the theory ideally 
under the guidance of someone who knows it, and then its formal study will be a 
mere review - you will have learned most of it already while trying to apply it.

Sasha Pachev
AskSasha Linux Consulting

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