Re-partitioning a drive to remove linux

Dennis devel at
Wed Nov 9 15:53:54 MST 2005

Kelley Terry wrote:

>I have a friend who installed linux on his computer.  He had me help him remove it last night.  We removed the linux partition and enlarged the dos partition with the diskdrak tool from Mandrake.  We restored the mbr with the dos fdisk command.  All is fine except windows doesn't recognize the extra space on the dos partition.  It still reports it as it's original size before the linux partition was deleted and the windows partition resized to fill the disk.  Is there any tool to change the file allocation tables other than reformatting the windows partition and reinstalling windows?
Is it an ntfs partition?
I've used ntfsresize from the ntfstools package a few times with no ill
side effects.
(The problem indeed being that the partition is sized correctly but the
file system retains it's own size information)


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