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On Mon,  7 Nov 2005 at 21:08 -0700, Andrew McNabb wrote:
> > Do all vpn connections (to the same server) share the same tun0 end-
> > point ip address?  I was understanding that openvpn sets up p2p
> > connections with an ip address at each end.  How does this work?  The
> > docs are not clear.  Does each end-point have it's own tun device or
> > do they all share on the server?
> The server and client should each have exactly one tun device.  Each
> client has its own address and its own peer address.  Here's how my
> current connection is set up:

Provided you're using the server mode (which implies TLS). If you are
using e.g. preshared keys then you'd have to run a second daemon on the
"server" peer (with its own tun).

> > Secondly I can't get dynamic address assignment to work. My linksys
> > comes in and gets a static assignment (this is *not* using dhcp or
> > bridged-mode; I'm using routing only).  When I try to get the work
> > machine to merely get a dynamic address, the connection is made, but
> > the tun0 on the client gets no address assigned to it (it's not even
> > up).  The logs show a successful authentication.
> > 
> I think seeing the config would really help for this, if it wouldn't be
> too much trouble.


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