shell for certification exam

Ross Werner ross at
Tue Nov 8 11:45:44 MST 2005

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Alan K Melby wrote:
> The certification test will usually be given at a university computer 
> lab where we do not have much control over the computers and probably 
> are not allowed to touch the router. Can we accomplish pretty much the 
> same thing with a customized version of a bootable Knoppix Linux image 
> without touching the router?

You can certainly customize the Knoppix Linux image to do this sort of 
thing, but if someone can figure out a way to exploit something you didn't 
think of, they can turn off whatever customizations you have created. In 
the security world, having physical access to a computer basically means 
that there is no way to completely secure that computer.

That said, if you're looking primarily to stop casual cheaters, then a 
customized Knoppix with some iptables rules to block outgoing traffic to 
anywhere but the testing server should be more than sufficient. My guess 
is the people who are smart enough to figure out a way around that sort of 
setup are not going to be the kind of people who need to cheat anyway :-)

 	~ Ross

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