shell for certification exam

Alan K Melby akmttt at
Tue Nov 8 10:25:01 MST 2005

Thanks for the various responses concerning multilingual text input.  We are pursuing them.
Now another question concerning the possible use of a bootable Linux CD on the client side:
We have a locked down version of Knoppix Linux that goes straight to Firefox when you boot from CD and then you can't get out of Firefox and Firefox can only access one webpage. A Linux shop created it for us.
Would it also be feasible to create a version of Knoppix Linux that, instead of going straight to Firefox, went straight to a little menu that would allow you to log on to the Internet, check your connection, choose a keyboard and input method and type a little bit of text in a box to make sure it is working, and go to Firefox, but do nothing that is not on the menu?

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