MythTV DVD Jukebox question

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Tue Nov 8 09:42:49 MST 2005

On 11/8/05, Brandon Beattie <brandon+plug at> wrote:

> Low quality HT is a sub $500 screen, sub $3000 projector, sub $800 audio
> system.  In my experience this is mid-range for a HT.  Once you double
> or tripple these prices you're starting to get into higher end, and a HT
> costing over $20k for audio video (Nothing to do with room acoustics,
> seating, etc).

Hmm... I am toeing the line of low budget then. (As I suspected)
sub 3000.00 pj,  -> check (infocus 4805)
sub 500 screen -> almost check if you double that
sub 800 audio system -> no check.  I have a onkyo TXNR90x series which
was more than that by itself.  Not counting my speakers and sub.

> If the projector is 848x480
> then I'm guessing it's not using DVI, so doing a switchbox, if you
> choose to do a HTPC is a good choice and not too expensive (For
> component, svga, or vga).  Then you can choose at any time, quality or

I am running DVI via the m1 adaptor infocus uses.

> functionality -- and maybe this is a good choice for you.  If you were
> in SLC I'd gladly show you the differences between what a well setup
> HTPC looks like vs a good DVD player, and you'll be surprised (But only
> if you compare side by side).

I would be interested in this.

> There's always the other choice of "ignorance is bliss".  video is one
> area where if you know what you're missing, it stands out like a sore
> thumb and makes even normal things irritating. :)

Right now I live in the ignorance is bliss mode and am not sure if I
want to "open" my eyes. :)

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