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Andrew McNabb amcnabb at
Mon Nov 7 21:08:30 MST 2005

First, can you attach your config files (for both server and client)?
On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 07:45:13PM -0700, Michael Torrie wrote:
> I've tried to add a second machine to my vpn (from work) and I'm
> having difficulties.  If I connect, the work machine gets the expected
> IP address as set by the config file, but I can't ping anymore.

So the first machine can't ping the server anymore?

> Do all vpn connections (to the same server) share the same tun0 end-
> point ip address?  I was understanding that openvpn sets up p2p
> connections with an ip address at each end.  How does this work?  The
> docs are not clear.  Does each end-point have it's own tun device or
> do they all share on the server?

The server and client should each have exactly one tun device.  Each
client has its own address and its own peer address.  Here's how my
current connection is set up:

The server has IP and its P-t-P is  My client
has IP and its P-t-P is  Think of
as the server daemon address and as the client daemon

> Secondly I can't get dynamic address assignment to work. My linksys
> comes in and gets a static assignment (this is *not* using dhcp or
> bridged-mode; I'm using routing only).  When I try to get the work
> machine to merely get a dynamic address, the connection is made, but
> the tun0 on the client gets no address assigned to it (it's not even
> up).  The logs show a successful authentication.

I think seeing the config would really help for this, if it wouldn't be
too much trouble.

Andrew McNabb
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