MythTV DVD Jukebox question

Steve Dibb steve at
Mon Nov 7 15:14:52 MST 2005

Jason Holt wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Nov 2005, Brandon Beattie wrote:
>> If all you'll be doing is playing DVD's I believe it's a better choice
>> to use a good dvd player.  Reasons include having a dedicated clock for
> One disadvantage of DVD players is that they enforce the movie 
> industry's megalomaniacal ideas about when you should be able to fast 
> forward, visit the menu, or back up your DVDs.  Drives me crazy every 
> time I watch a movie and have to watch the freakin' studio logo for 10 
> seconds.

Agreed.  I used to have an old Sony DVD player that would ignore most of 
the studio's "do not skip" flags.  It was pretty nice.  Even my current 
Sony player will still let me skip about half of them.

As far as the regional DVDs, you can change your PC DVD player's region 
using regionset[1] a few times.  Then just rip the DVD, and re-burn.

Or you could just buy a region-free DVD player.



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