MythTV DVD Jukebox question

Shane Hathaway shane at
Mon Nov 7 14:56:10 MST 2005

Jason Holt wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Nov 2005, Brandon Beattie wrote:
>> If all you'll be doing is playing DVD's I believe it's a better choice
>> to use a good dvd player.  Reasons include having a dedicated clock for
> One disadvantage of DVD players is that they enforce the movie 
> industry's megalomaniacal ideas about when you should be able to fast 
> forward, visit the menu, or back up your DVDs.  Drives me crazy every 
> time I watch a movie and have to watch the freakin' studio logo for 10 
> seconds.  I've also found PC DVD drives to be better at reading marginal 
> DVDs than cheap DVD players are.

I agree.  Also, the best way to deal with scratched DVDs (after lens 
cleaning solution and toothpaste) is:

   dd if=/dev/dvd of=tmp.dvd bs=1000000 conv=noerror
   ogle tmp.dvd

That way, it won't pause to retry a track while I'm watching; all 
attempts at recovery happen ahead of time.  Read errors usually show up 
as minor artifacts.


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