MythTV DVD Jukebox question

Brandon Beattie brandon+plug at
Mon Nov 7 14:29:12 MST 2005

On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 10:23:10AM -0700, Grant Shipley wrote:
> Hello all:
> Finally going to put the HTPC together.  I am looking at using MythTV
> or xlobby (windows app).  Trying to find out which better fits my
> requirements.
> Requirements:
> I will only be using the system for content playing.  I will NOT be
> using the system to record shows via cable/OTA/D* or any other
> provider.  I will NOT be using the system to play mp3s or any other
> audio.  This is only for DVD playing.

If all you'll be doing is playing DVD's I believe it's a better choice
to use a good dvd player.  Reasons include having a dedicated clock for
reading and displaying video frames, having better optimized [color, 
contrast, brightness, and gamma] Xine requires a mouse to navigate dvd
menu's (Quite annoying).  Video is smoother on a good dvd player than a
from a PC.  You don't have to teach anyone how to use it.

> I want to rip my DVDs to .iso format and be able to mount and play the
> iso file with full menu support.

Head in SVN for mythtv supports this now.

> I would like to control the system via remote control.  I do not want
> to pull out a keyboard in order to play a movie.

Buy a $20 IR keyboard from, buy a $60 sony AV-2100, 2500,
3000, or 3100 (Or theater Master) remote and record the IR codes from it 
to the keyboard.

> I would enjoy a nice gui that will download movie description/box
> covers etc from amazon or imdb.

myth does this.  I've found it somewhat annoying in the past in that if
you lose the information you have to go back and do they all over.  I no
longer rip DVD's, not worth it.

> If the thing can play transport stream HDTV encodes, that is icing on the cake.

Myth does this

> Does MythTV support playing directly from .iso files?


Now I'm not against Myth, but it's best to use the right tool for the
job.  Myth as a DVD player, or even dvd player and encoder, or a PC for
just DVD playback is a step back in quality.  The only reason I see to
do it is if you want to sacrifice a little bit of quality to never risk
scratching a DVD.  In my 2 years of using and being a myth dev for HD
I'd rip myth out in a second if all I wanted to do was watch DVD's.
The only reason I don't use a dvd player is my projector only has 1
input (DVI).  I would have to manually switch inputs and recalibrate the
projectors image settings or just use the PC that I use for everything
else, so it's obvious which one I picked.  If I ever were to do a big
movie night I'd still pull the PC.


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