MythTV DVD Jukebox question

Shane Hathaway shane at
Mon Nov 7 11:06:34 MST 2005

Grant Shipley wrote:
> I want to rip my DVDs to .iso format and be able to mount and play the
> iso file with full menu support.
> I would like to control the system via remote control.  I do not want
> to pull out a keyboard in order to play a movie.
> I would enjoy a nice gui that will download movie description/box
> covers etc from amazon or imdb.
> If the thing can play transport stream HDTV encodes, that is icing on the cake.
> Does MythTV support playing directly from .iso files?

MythTV can launch MPlayer or Ogle, both of which support playing DVD 
images.  Ogle supports DVD menus, but MPlayer does not.  MPlayer 
supports LIRC easily, but LIRC support for Ogle may require a little 

BTW, while we're on the topic... I bought a PVR-250 a few months ago for 
MythTV.  The remote didn't work very well until I realized I had 
received the remote commonly distributed with the PVR-350.  Once I 
installed the LIRC configuration for the PVR-350 remote, the remote 
worked nicely.  So if anyone is running into a similar problem, try the 
LIRC configuration for all of the Hauppage remotes.

Also, the PVR-150 is significantly less expensive than the other models. 
  It wasn't supported when I was buying, but the IVTV project seems to 
support it now.  If I were building a PVR today, I think I'd go for the 


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