Electricity Usage (was Wireless Cards)

Jason Holt jason at lunkwill.org
Mon Nov 7 00:15:19 MST 2005

On Sun, 6 Nov 2005, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Some other figures I've gathered: My desktop machine, an AMD64 3200 with a 
> SATA drive and a low-end NVidia card, draws 75W most of the time and 120W 
> when it's computing a lot.  It has a 480W PSU only because I don't want to 
> worry about meeting the current requirements for each power rail.  The 
> "ondemand" frequency scaling accounts for a savings of about 8W (it reduces 
> 83W to 75W.)  My 19" LCD monitor draws 30W; it replaced a 15" CRT that drew 
> over 100W.  My laser printer consumes 10W when it's idle and 700W when it's 
> heating up.

I've wondered about computer power usage for ages.  Thanks for posting that!


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