help with Debian install and dselect

Michael Halcrow mike at
Sun Nov 6 10:55:33 MST 2005

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 02:24:30PM -0700, david jensen wrote:
>      I have tried 2x w/ complete install process of the 7 disk set
> that was given to me. Did the partition thing and got a base install
> OK. But when it comes time to add packages, I can not understand
> "dselect" nor get it to put "all" packages on the HD. When I select
> "all" a error message says there are problems. The error message
> implies that I can hit "enter" and the install program will do its
> best to take care of the matter.

dselect is pure evil. The minute that dselect executes, the best
course of action is to run away screaming in absolute terror. dselect
will corrupt your soul and destroy your faith in the greater
humanity. It will inevitably demoralize even the most staunch
optimist. dselect can even make a BSD user out of a Linux user.

In my experience, it is best just to use straight apt-get.

>      What can I do to get rid of the dependency problems and install 
> the 7 disks I have. Is the 6 GB enough space for a full Debian 
> distro.??

In the long run, no. I find that 10 gigs is the bare minimum for my
own workstations; I would not consider it overkill to give Debian 15
or 20 gigs.

>      The install program never asks for any of the other disks 2-6. A 
> clear sign of something wrong.

I recommend doing a base install and then doing the rest via net apt
sources; that gets you all of the security updates from the get-go.

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