Electricity Usage (was Wireless Cards)

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Sun Nov 6 07:10:36 MST 2005

On Sat,  5 Nov 2005 at 22:54 -0700, Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> On 11/5/05, Scott Paul Robertson <spr at mahonri5.net> wrote:
> > More versatile? In what way?
> I won't weigh in on the versatility argument, but I would like to
> point out that a little AP doesn't have a huge noisy fan to keep it
> cool, nor does it cost $10/month in electricity to run.  That means I
> can leave it running 24/7 without feeling guilty.

Do you have hard evidence of that figure or is it pulled out of a
hat? I ask because I did some reading and thinking and came up with a
figure more like $10/year (or maybe it was even less) for a PC (and
another $10/year for a power-saving monitor)

IANAElectrician, and my memory is bad to boot, so I ask if anyone else
has hard figures on the electricity used by computers.
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