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Andrew McNabb amcnabb at mcnabbs.org
Sat Nov 5 20:32:46 MST 2005

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 04:27:05PM -0700, Chris Carey wrote:
> I was (without mentioning brand names) specifically thinking of the
> linksys router. It can run openvpn on the router, which would
> eliminate the need for a seperate openvpn install. You can run it in
> client mode, AP mode, WDS mode, use it for Kismet, OpenVPN, gkrellmd,
> snort, WPA, WPA2. Has a 4 port switch with VLAN support, seperate
> Internet port (which you can also VLAN and dont have to use for
> Internet).

> It's much more versatile than a PCI HostAP setup.

There's that word again. :)

I'm sure the Linksys router is great for lots of people (though I
haven't had much luck with their products).  I'm sure it's more
versatile than most routers.  HOWEVER, you can't run whatever software
you want on it, which in my opinion, instantly makes it less versatile
than a firewall with PCI card.

My whole apartment and the apartment next door are transparently proxied
through Dansguardian (over wireless and wired networking).  I really
appreciate having it running when I'm browsing the web.  I don't know of
any of the other single guys who aren't also glad it's there.  Without
getting too philosophical, I think an important part of avoiding
undesirable [to yourself] behavior is to do what you can to prevent it.

Anyway, I don't see how any of the great features you mentioned could
possibly allow for more flexibility in setting up a network than a
customized Linux firewall does.

Andrew McNabb
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