help with Debian install and dselect

david jensen b9dwj at
Sat Nov 5 14:24:30 MST 2005

HI.!  fellow PLUGers:
     I can not get a good install of Debian 3.0 r 4. The EDP box is a 
HP-VLi8, P-3, w/ RAM 256 MHz. No outside thing is connected to the 
box. It has 1 ea. 3.5 floppy, 1ea. CR-ROM [it works] 2 ea. HDs: hda = 
Maxtor 20.4GB currently set at 6GB for this install. Remaining space 
currently open, maybe used for dual boot machine?    hdb = future 
also, Kubuntu.?
     I have tried 2x w/ complete install process of the 7 disk set 
that was given to me. Did the partition thing and got a base install 
OK. But when it comes time to add packages, I can not understand 
"dselect" nor get it to put "all" packages on the HD. When I select 
"all" a error message says there are problems. The error message 
implies that I can hit "enter" and the install program will do its 
best to take care of the matter.
     But instead I find the program gives me only an extremely limited
install. There are almost none of the regular tools that one would 
expect to find on a normal system. No: vi, vim, emacs, X windows, 
etc., etc.
     What can I do to get rid of the dependency problems and install 
the 7 disks I have. Is the 6 GB enough space for a full Debian 
     The install program never asks for any of the other disks 2-6. A 
clear sign of something wrong.
     Amy help will be greatly appreciated.
TIA  Dwj,  73  W0RMV          LONG  LIVE  LINUX


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