newcomer - multilingual text input

Alan Young alansyoungiii at
Fri Nov 4 18:11:16 MST 2005

> phone to get help with a difficult sentence. Now, with a keyboarded exam, we need to
> lock down the computer so they can't contact a colleague by e-mail, instant messaging,
> FTP, etc., but the computermust still access the predesignated server to save the
> translation to the server every five minutes or so.  And a lot of time is put into creating

Well, if you decide to go with a locked down linux server then I would
suggest 2 things:

Attach a physical keylogger.
Install a local firewall that doesn't allow any transfer except on
port 80 to the designated server.

Possibly even simpler, install a simplified dns server locally that
returns the ip address of the designated server regardless of the

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