Jason K Larson plug at candlefire.org
Thu Nov 3 15:14:26 MST 2005

Dreamer wrote:
> Ok, I asked the sales guy just exactly that question.
> He said to the best of his knowledge that DOS was not compatible with
> the internet, and I would need to make sure all my computers were
> running windows or better.
> I'm running Linux, and that IS better than windows, so by the sales
> departments logic, I should be safe from some DOS possibly all of
> them;)
> (note the above is satirical, and not meant to show my level knowledge
> in anyway)

Sorry, I can't tell, are you joking?  For the sake of clarity let me 
elaborate why DoS and not DOS are a threat to you and others, and why it 
is a significant issue knowing how your ISP plans to combat it.

DoS also known as DDoS are "Denial of Service" and "Distributed Denial 
of Service".  An example of a DoS is a single person causing a service 
distruption by means of exploiting a known security issue or something 
similar.  A DDoS is perform like a brute force tatic using several 
(usually hundreds to thousands) of computers all directed at a single 
destination to saturate the bandwidth available to that destination.

Now, if you should become the target of a DDoS and you have to pay for 
bandwidth usage, this can put you into a financial world of hurt, aside 
from the effects of not having any internet access while the attack 

ISPs usually have an ability to detect these before they become too much 
of a financial threat, and direct the packets to a blackhole that 
effects no one.  However, this exactly the question that should be asked 
to each individual ISP.

Jason K Larson

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