How to convert html to tiff

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Thu Nov 3 11:03:05 MST 2005

On Thursday 03 November 2005 10:11 am, kirk wrote:
> Sorry, I should have mentioned I would like to runthe conversion in an
> automated script, and not using X Windows.
> - Kirk Cerny

You'll probably find a good solution, I'm sure there's tools out there.

But, if you have to resort to X, you could do something like:

- use the virtual x server (offscreen--no display required)
- use konqueror, which can be scripted entirely from the command line
- use ksnapshot to snap the browser window to an image
- use dcop, which can control konqueror and ksnapshot via command line
  to change the url/file and take another snapshot
- manipulate/convert image as desired

You used to be able to do this with netscape -remote, but the
saveAs(filename, PostScript) command doesn't seem to work with
mozilla -remote anymore...


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