Hiring Preferences (was "Programming partnership wanted")

Grant Shipley gshipley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 15:37:29 MST 2005

> Being from Georgia, I have to say that's a bias that definitely
> exists.  State of origin or regional dialect are not protected classes
> (AFAIK, but IANAL, just a dumb hick that don't talk right), so that's
> perfectly legal.

I am from Tennessee and can also back this up.  When I moved to Utah
and began interviewing, people treated me like I was less educated
than them.  Now that my accent is gone, I get treated like everyone
else here. :)

I guess this happens to everyone though.  I know people in the South
(maybe everywhere else) has this weird perception of what people in
Utah are like and would probably discriminate against them just as
people here do.

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