Programming partnership wanted

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Wed Mar 30 15:57:51 MST 2005

> Josh Coates wrote:
> >the industry is already getting pulled down.  echazen, all - i'm sure you
> >are familiar with  take a look and weep.  that's what the
> >future of our industry is.
> >
> >the industry is trending towards thousands of quasi-educated, "self taught"
> >college drop outs (or graduates of IT diploma-mills) that are coding in java
> >and c# competing with coders from india and russia.  they are racing to the
> >bottom and they don't know it.

> Eric Jensen wrote:
> What a depressing thread.  Think I'll go home and curl up with some
> cookie doe, watch Hackers, and cry myself to sleep. :(

I wouldn't be depressed, the market data doesn't support Josh's claim.
 Take a quick look at  You'll notice that there are over
10,000 unfilled Java jobs and 2,500 C# jobs *listed* on dice.  Imagine
how many jobs are on other job sites and not dice, or those that are
not listed at all and hire only through word of mouth.  These jobs are
just *waiting* for qualified persons to apply.  There is an incredible
demand for the aformentioned skills, and because of the insane demand,
the compensation for those qualified is high.

Some future decade all those jobs may get soaked up by India and
China, but that's not this decade.  There is a lot of money to be made
as a software developer (especially in Java).  Eric, there is no need
to cry yourself to sleep, when you can laugh all the way to the bank.

I absolutely agree with Josh that you should specialize.  However, I
don't think that means developing an obscure skillset and then find a
company foolish enough to use your special skils.  You should learn a
very widely used skilset and then specialize within that.  For
example, learn C++, and then learn how to use the Carbon API on MAC
better than anyone else.  C++ is a broad skill, but your knowledge of
Carbon makes you unique.  Just an example, I'm sure there are better
ones you can think of.


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