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Wed Mar 30 10:34:56 MST 2005

Thus said oldtoker on Mon, 28 Mar 2005 06:01:58 +0200:

> I guess  nobody else found that  to be interesting in  the least... oh
> well I struck  out again. I seem  to do that alot :)  anyway there was
> fairly interesting  news yesterday like  the spyware that  now attacks
> Microsofts Antispyware tool, I found that almost ironic..

I found it  outrageous, however, what are most people  doing to do about
it? Most people, in probably the  majority of countries, have lost touch
with their governments. Those writing the laws basically have free reign
and are subjected to the  influences of special interest groups. Intsead
of a  Republic (based  on law)  we are moving  more towards  a Democracy
(based on crowd mentality).

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