Programming partnership wanted

Jayce^ jason at
Wed Mar 30 09:08:56 MST 2005

On Tuesday 29 March 2005 17:51, eChazen Internet Solutions wrote:
> Thanks for the "free clue".  You must be a hiring genious!  Seriously, if
> someone wants to come after me for not hiring them because they aren't LDS,
> they would have to have a HUGE case against me.  That's all I"m going to
> say about that.

I think the point is there are so many sue-happy freaks out there today that 
are just itching for stupid things like this to sue about.  It doesn't mean 
they are valid, just that they *will* sue for something like that.  
Especially knowing the area that Josh is coming from, he's just trying to 
give advice, I know my company has to toe the line with issues like that 

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