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Tue Mar 29 22:57:31 MST 2005

On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 10:30:33PM -0700, Steve Meyers wrote:
> Josh Coates wrote:
> >and i guess what i am really irritated by is the original "i like to hire
> >mormons" comment anyway (not that i have anything against mormons - that's
> >not the point), and on top of that you don't seem to really understand or
> >care that it's offensive.  but then again, maybe i'm the only one that
> >noticed and/or was bothered by it.
> For the record -- you're not the only one.

i have to say that the most disturbing comment i've heard along this
vein was actually during a job interview.  the interviewer made the
comment that they have quotas for various minorities (the interviewer
was specifically referring to women in this case), and then mentioned to
me (as an intern candidate) that they try to fill those quotas with
interns.  apparently, this comment was supposed to be supportive and let
me know that i had a good chance with the company.  it actually just
made me rather annoyed at the company in general.  

i recognize that plenty of companies have similar policies, but they
shouldn't be stating them in that type of setting!

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