Random shutdowns

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at uvlug.org
Tue Mar 29 22:50:03 MST 2005

Corey Edwards wrote:
> Do you have a UPS attached? init will shut down if it recieves SIGPWR
> from a UPS.

Nope, no UPS attached.

> Do you have smartd installed? I'm not that familiar with it but I could
> imagine that a hard drive failure might cause the daemon to initiate a
> shutdown.

Nope, no smartd daemon.

> Try turning on process accounting. The Debian package is named "acct".
> I'm not sure about Suse. The command "accton" will enable accounting.
> You can see what commands have been run with "lastcomm". Try "lastcomm
> init" to see who last ran init and when.

I wasn't able to find the accton package, and the lastcomm program is 
not installed either.

*Here is a thought*.  Is there a way to capture a shutdown and turn it 
into a reboot instead?

Thank you for the suggestions,
kenneth at uvlug.org

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