Random shutdowns

Corey Edwards tensai at zmonkey.org
Tue Mar 29 22:17:28 MST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 21:57, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> > A random uninitiated shutdown would almost certainly be a hardware
> > problem, but if as you see above init is switching to runlevel 0, then
> > _something_ has told it to do so (unless perhaps init decided on its
> > own)
> What might tell my server to shutdown?  Why would init decide this on 
> it's own?  Did init grow a conscience?  Does this maybe smell of a 
> hacker's job?

Do you have a UPS attached? init will shut down if it recieves SIGPWR
from a UPS.

Do you have smartd installed? I'm not that familiar with it but I could
imagine that a hard drive failure might cause the daemon to initiate a

Try turning on process accounting. The Debian package is named "acct".
I'm not sure about Suse. The command "accton" will enable accounting.
You can see what commands have been run with "lastcomm". Try "lastcomm
init" to see who last ran init and when.


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