Random shutdowns

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at uvlug.org
Tue Mar 29 21:57:26 MST 2005

Hans Fugal wrote:
> It took an hour to reboot? Or is that time before you noticed it had
> shut down? You either have very little running, or your logging is tuned
> way down. What distro is it? Some distros log more to /var/log/syslog
> than /var/log/messages, some more to messages, and some have no syslog
> at all. syslog.conf will tell all and of course it is very configurable. 

That is the time before I realized that there was a problem.

I am running Suse Pro 9.2.  My syslog has the following set:

# save the rest in one file
*.*;mail.none;news.none         -/var/log/messages

> A random uninitiated shutdown would almost certainly be a hardware
> problem, but if as you see above init is switching to runlevel 0, then
> _something_ has told it to do so (unless perhaps init decided on its
> own)

What might tell my server to shutdown?  Why would init decide this on 
it's own?  Did init grow a conscience?  Does this maybe smell of a 
hacker's job?

I now can't keep the server running for more then a half hour before it 
dies again.

Thank you for your help,
kenneth at uvlug.org

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