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Josh Coates jcoates at
Tue Mar 29 20:36:54 MST 2005

>I think what he was trying to say was "no one can claim that he only
>hires LDS  because most of his employees aren't".

yes, i know what exactly what he was trying to say.  my point is, that's a
nice rationale and all, but he can tell that to the judge and see how it
goes. ;-)

>Also, company size is a factor

the federal law stipulates a 15 employee minimum, but most state laws fill
in the gap with more specific laws that address the minimum employee number.
obligatory disclaimer: IANAL

>Thanks for the "free clue".  You must be a hiring genious! problem - but this is pretty basic stuff covered in every corporate
hiring training course.  it's kind of an ethical no-brainer that you dont
run around saying "i'm looking to hire some people, btw - did i mention that
i like to hire based on [gender,age,religion,race] ?"

and i guess what i am really irritated by is the original "i like to hire
mormons" comment anyway (not that i have anything against mormons - that's
not the point), and on top of that you don't seem to really understand or
care that it's offensive.  but then again, maybe i'm the only one that
noticed and/or was bothered by it.

Josh Coates

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