Programming partnership wanted

Grant Robinson santiago at
Tue Mar 29 17:23:03 MST 2005

On Mar 29, 2005, at 5:11 PM, Josh Coates wrote:

>> True,  but I'm pretty safe.
> i don't mean to be offensive, but here is free clue:

I think what he was trying to say was "no one can claim that he only 
hires LDS  because most of his employees aren't".

Also, from what I understand of labor laws, I think you would have a 
hard time claiming some sort of discrimination if that is not part of 
the criteria in interviewing/applications etc.  Also, company size is a 
factor (as shown in this URL (which may or may not be the official 
word) .  
Looks like as long as you are under 15 employees, the only thing you 
really _have_ to do is pay both genders the same wage.

However, I am not a lawyer, so I could be up in the night.


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