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Josh Coates jcoates at
Tue Mar 29 17:11:22 MST 2005

>True,  but I'm pretty safe.

i don't mean to be offensive, but here is free clue:

<free clue>
you've just put your entire recruiting effort in jeopardy.

if you interview anyone in the near future, and then decide not to hire them
for whatever reason, all they have to do is call up a yellow-pages car-crash
lawyer and walk in with a print out of your post and say that you knew they
weren't mormon, and that's why you weren't hired.

you may be able to eventually win the lawsuit, but you will get buried in
the meantime.  if you are lucky they will be willing to settle for $10K,
which will be less than your legal fees trying to defend yourself.
</free clue>

geesh.  nevermind that you don't seem understand why it's offensive, but
this is "hiring 101" stuff - you should know better.

Josh Coates

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nice lawsuit bait.  you should know better than to post something like that
in a public forum.  not only is it offensive, but it puts your company at

True,  but I'm pretty safe.  None of my designers are LDS and only one
programmer is.

Jason Ho-Ching
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