Programming partnership wanted

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Tue Mar 29 16:40:44 MST 2005

> Because I prefer to work for myself and not someone else.  In doing so,
> there have been times where my company was short on projects.  In those
> situations I have done entire e-commerce sites or other projects for 
> just a
> few hundred dollars.
> I have to sacrifice at times to put food on the table and to ensure I 
> don't
> have to get a full-time job doing something I don't enjoy.  Running my 
> own
> business is very fulfilling and rewarding.  I wouldn't give it up 
> without a
> fight :)

I respect you for putting enjoyment of your work and providing for your 
family higher in your list of priorities than making money. If those 
are your priorities though, then I reiterate what I said earlier in 
that I seem much more long term value in quality than quantity.
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