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Tue Mar 29 16:29:57 MST 2005

from Josh Coates
the industry is already getting pulled down.  echazen, all - i'm sure you
are familiar with  take a look and weep.  that's what the
future of our industry is.


echazen is just trying to capitalize on this trend (nothing wrong with that,
if that's your cup of tea..)

There are many more than just renta-coder.  Ever hear of,,  Been there, done that.

Contrary to what many believe, most of the clients I work with tell me that 

1. Have worked with overseas developers and had bad experiences
2. Prefer to stay with US developers to help the economy

I, myself, have used overseas developers and have mixed feelings about the 
experiences.  I'm a BYU grad and was in Provo for four years.  I know that 
most of you guys aren't getting paid what you're worth.  You would if you 
would move out of the beehive state.

I have Indian and eastern-european programming contacts that are dirt cheap. 
But I want someone here in the U.S., and, even more importantly, someone I 
can rely on.  I hate to say this in a non-religious forum, but I prefer 
members of the church.  This is why I'm coming to you folks.  You don't have 
to take the offer.  I'm not forcing it on anyone.  I'm providing a 
self-employed programmer or group of programmers an opportunity for growth 
and steady work.

The pay will only get better.

Jason Ho-Ching
Owner and
jason at

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