Programming partnership wanted

Josh Coates jcoates at
Tue Mar 29 16:13:36 MST 2005

>Why? Demand more! Don't settle! Accepting pay that is sub-standard
>pulls the industry down.

the industry is already getting pulled down.  echazen, all - i'm sure you
are familiar with  take a look and weep.  that's what the
future of our industry is.

the industry is trending towards thousands of quasi-educated, "self taught"
college drop outs (or graduates of IT diploma-mills) that are coding in java
and c# competing with coders from india and russia.  they are racing to the
bottom and they don't know it.

echazen is just trying to capitalize on this trend (nothing wrong with that,
if that's your cup of tea..)

the only thing you can do to counter this is get a formal, theory-based
education and then specialize (broad and deep) in something you enjoy and
are good at.  think ahead.

just my $.02

Josh Coates

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> I knew I would get responses like this, and that is fine.  I completely
> understand.  But understand that there is always someone out there who
> would
> be interested.  I, myself, have worked for "peanuts", as you put it,
> many
> times.

Why? Demand more! Don't settle! Accepting pay that is sub-standard
pulls the industry down.

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