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Skilled, full time, and cheap? By "not corporate-level" do you mean
"willing to work for peanuts"? Even using PHP I think I might have just
found your problem. The only competent, cheap programmers I know are
either college students or know better than to use PHP. Someone actually
capable of writing professional level PHP deserves professional level

I knew I would get responses like this, and that is fine.  I completely 
understand.  But understand that there is always someone out there who would 
be interested.  I, myself, have worked for "peanuts", as you put it, many 
times.  This is, in no way, working for peanuts.  What's even better is that 
the programmer will make some good money if he is highly qualified.  This is 
because he can work quick and get projects done a lot sooner than the 
less-competent ones.  He/she will spend less time for the amount paid and 
can quickly move on to the next project.  This amounts to a higher 
equivalent $/hr payment.

I have already received responses from intersted parties, so that goes to 
show I'm not up in the night with this offer.

By the way, what's wrong with php?  What is a better option, asp?  I'm very 

Jason Ho-Ching
Owner and
jason at

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