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eChazen Internet Solutions contact at
Tue Mar 29 13:13:54 MST 2005

Hey Gentlemen (and ladies, if be),

My web design company seems to have a problem finding programmers with the following traits:

1. highly skilled (very knowledgeable in php, mysql, security, linux, etc)
2. available regularly (don't have another full-time job)
3. affordable (we're not looking to pay corporate-level pricing.)
4. local (here in the US)

We have worked with many programmers, but none that satisfy all four requirements.  Is there a company or programmer on this list that would be interested in taking on our programming projects?  It would help if you were also familiar with many open source solutions such as Mambo Open Source and Zen-Cart (shopping cart), but any CMS and shopping cart familiarity will do.

We always pay per-project to control our costs.  We don't pay per-hour.  This is how most of projects are handled.

1. we come to you with a project description
2. you review it and provide a $ quote and a timeframe estimation
3. after quote and timeframe estimation are approved, you create a document layout out the phases in which the project will be completed
4. we pay you after each phase is completed
5. upon completion, the client tests the product out for bugs.
6. when all is approved, you receive final payment and move on to the next project

Very simple.  If you can be an affordable, realiable, and available tool for us, please respond or contact me.

Jason Ho-Ching
Owner and
jason at

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