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Steve Dibb steve at
Fri Mar 25 12:43:20 MST 2005

Jake Pollmann wrote:
> Slashdot is not the addiction it used to be for me.  It seems less
> relevant now that I can use an RSS reader to pluck out the stories I
> like.  However, it is interesting when Alan Cox, Bruce Perens, or some
> other high profile hacker chimes in.

I quit cold turkey a few months ago, and I've never felt better.  It 
finally dawned on me that most of the articles were sensationalistic and 
one-sided, and they have no sense of clarity in journalism.  Plus I 
remember reading one site that talked about how one of the main 
moderators pretty much blocked stories and banned people who would 
disagree with his p.o.v.  That and reading the comments can really warp 
your mind -- people are modded up if others agree with their comments, 
not necessarily if they are correct or not.

Now I mostly read OS News (which I'm starting to like less, as I realize 
that it's also used as a personal soapbox for the editors sometimes) and 
Newsforge for my daily addiction.  Now I get pretty much the same 
stories, but without the Chicken Little syndrome.


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