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Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Mar 25 11:39:31 MST 2005

Benjamin Schmuhl wrote:

> Eric Jensen wrote:
>> I have been searching the internet for my dream editor and haven't 
>> had much luck yet.  Actually, I did find one that is very close 
>> (Quanta Plus) but it is for KDE only and that doesn't work for me 
>> right now.   Qunata didn't do anything super special that other 
>> editors couldn't, with the exception of collapsing code structures.  
>> It got me hooked on that feature and I must have it once again.  I've 
>> used a lot of editors that work fine with syntax highlighting and all 
>> that, but I must have collapsing code.  I crave it.  Otherwise I will 
>> stick with my usual editor, vim.  Any suggestions?
> I run Quanta in Gnome just fine.  The only thing that I wish it did 
> would be function insight on my own code with PHPDoc like ZDE does.  
> Quanta is free though, does folding, links to PHP documentation, 
> bookmarks, preview, etc.  Pretty nice editor, my fav as far as the 
> free ones go.  I'm going  to install Eclipse right now to check it out.
I tried installing Quanta and it yells at me and asked if I have KDE 
installed properly.  Ubuntu doesn't come with KDE at all, otherwise 
maybe it would allow me to install it.  Maybe I will try an older 
version that doesn't seem to be KDE specific.  I think it would be 
rewarding to figure out the folding in Vim since I can use it for my 
remote SSH sessions as well, but not having a lot of luck with that 
either.  I got the indent method to work just fine, but syntax doesn't 
do a thing.  Lots and lots of brain hurting RTFM and I'm sure I'll get 
somewhere with it.  A nice gui would be great for now though.

Eric Jensen

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