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Benjamin Schmuhl schmuhl at
Fri Mar 25 11:28:42 MST 2005

Eric Jensen wrote:

> I have been searching the internet for my dream editor and haven't had 
> much luck yet.  Actually, I did find one that is very close (Quanta 
> Plus) but it is for KDE only and that doesn't work for me right now.   
> Qunata didn't do anything super special that other editors couldn't, 
> with the exception of collapsing code structures.  It got me hooked on 
> that feature and I must have it once again.  I've used a lot of 
> editors that work fine with syntax highlighting and all that, but I 
> must have collapsing code.  I crave it.  Otherwise I will stick with 
> my usual editor, vim.  Any suggestions?

I run Quanta in Gnome just fine.  The only thing that I wish it did 
would be function insight on my own code with PHPDoc like ZDE does.  
Quanta is free though, does folding, links to PHP documentation, 
bookmarks, preview, etc.  Pretty nice editor, my fav as far as the free 
ones go.  I'm going  to install Eclipse right now to check it out.

Benjamin Schmuhl
MingleMatch, Inc.

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