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Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Mar 25 10:55:52 MST 2005

Kenneth Burgener wrote:

> Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
>>> Do you mean the TruStudio plugin, or is there another plugin that I 
>>> am unaware of?
>> Yes. Pardon the typographical error.
> Well I just tested out the TruStudio plugin for Eclipse and it is 
> EVERYTHING I wanted.  It has the syntax highlighting, the function 
> name autocomplete, the parameter hint, and it even has the collapse 
> code feature that Eric mentioned.  Awesome!
> Thanks,
> Kenneth
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I got it installed, but I can't get the folding to work.  I've seen the 
screen shots and I have the folding options set, but it doesn't seem to 
take.  I can't see any "bars" that I don't have checked as being up 
either.  I put up the line numbers and everything else I could.  What 
did you do to get that to work?  And was it with PHP or something else?

Eric Jensen

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