[newbies] Computer Sale! (Please Come and Bring Friends)

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Thu Mar 24 20:02:16 MST 2005

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 08:41:20PM -0700, Trent Spaulding wrote:
> Where is the sale?

52 E 2050 N in Provo...  

> -Trent
> tuxgirl at gmail.com wrote:
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> >Subject: computer hardware sale
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> >
> >A friend of mine will be having a computer sale (another one) this
> >coming saturday (March 24) from 10am to 4pm.  For those of you on
> >uug-list, this is the same friend who had the sale a few weeks ago.
> >There is a lot of hardware, most of it quite cheap, and a good bit of it
> >free.  
> >
> >Her husband received his bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
> >(there are a lot of computer engineering supplies available), and was
> >working on a Masters in Computer Science when he passed away in
> >a car accident in 2003.
> >
> >Prices are all negotiable, however there are no guarantees.  
> >
> >Please stop by if you are interested, and if you can, please bring a
> >friend! (also, please forward this email to anybody you know who might
> >be interested!  She'd be really happy if all this hardware could find a
> >home where it'd be appreciated.  
> >
> >Thanks a ton!
> >~Erin
> >
> >SCSI drives, pci scsi controller card, isa sound cards, video cards
> >(pci) usb pci car, socket A370 mb, AMD K6 processor(s), b wireless
> >router, power supplies, huge printers, floppy drives, cdroms, and other
> >stuff
> >
> >(i stole that from what scott and andrew mentioned on irc when they were
> >at the previous sale, since i don't really know hardware very well)
> >

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