Sound in multiple x sessions

Matthew Frederico mfrederico at
Thu Mar 24 08:25:21 MST 2005

We discussed sound crappiness on Linux a few days ago ... search for
"Sound Questions"

In a nutshell:
Sound can only be accessed by 1 app at a time, unless you do some
super voodoo kung foo to get it to work.

I've tried (not to hard) to install the "Jack" daemon, and woah .. 
There is also an oss2jack daemon that I tried to compile once I got
Jack finally compiled / installed .. it didn't like something I did,
maybe it didn't like FC3 .. But I couldn't get it to work.

-- Matt

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 17:49:07 -0700, Adam Peterson <adamp at> wrote:
> I just set up my KDE so I could start new x sessions from within the
> current x session.  The only downside I can see is that sound does not
> work on the second x session.  Is there any way to make the sound work
> on both?
> Adam
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