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Wed Mar 23 15:28:07 MST 2005


Uuencode is a text armoring mechanism... It's how pictures,  docs,  and 
programs are sent through email.  I just uuencoded the gpg data string.  
The better way is to use armor directly - it saves a step.  Uuencode can 
convert ANY binary to text than can be stored in a text field.  Note the 
it is an encoding and not an encryption algorithm.

Check out:


Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:

> Peter:
> How does uuencoding work, compared with GnuPG encoding?
> References?
> Scott
>> I had the same problem myself... I uuencoded it.
>> -Peter
>> Eric Jensen wrote:
>>> Working on some encryption schemes and running into a few humps.  We
>>> have a great GnuPG scheme for encrypting all of our backup files. 
>>> Really digging the public and private key scheme.  But now we are
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