Problems forwarding port 3389

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Wed Mar 23 10:28:43 MST 2005

Grant Robinson wrote:
> As Doran pointed out, if you are using these rules, then from an outside 
> box you would do:
> telnet your.firewall.ip 8001
> to get to  Do you see?  Doing:
> telnet your.firewall.ip 3389
> does nothing, because you firewall is listening on port 8001 and 
> forwarding all packets bound for that port to  Does 
> that make sense?
> Grant

Yes, and I originally had it setup "tcp:3389:", but I 
changed it to another port to see if maybe the server was blocking 3389, 
but that didn't work either.  Unfortunately I emailed out the modified 
script instead of the original which had a straight through forwarding.

kenneth at

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