Problems forwarding port 3389

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Wed Mar 23 07:54:38 MST 2005

David Smith wrote:
> <quote who="Kenneth Burgener">
>>kenneth at debian:~$ telnet 3389
>>telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
> I hate to ask the obvious, but is anything actually listening on port 3389
> on the desination machine? This woulnd't be LDAP would it?

It is for Remote Desktop on a Windows XP Client.  The whole reason for 
this script is we are trying to get remote desktop access to a couple of 
employees.  I haven't quite figured out the next step of how to get 
multiple machines to be routed to for the same port.  This is a little 
too soon to ask, but do you think this would work:

SERVICES="... tcp:8001:  tcp:8002: 
tcp:8003:  tcp:8004: 

kenneth at

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